IT Strategy & Transformation

In Organizations it is observed that, oftentimes, multiple different individuals and groups are responsible for different components of the value chain that makes up their company’s design, and they are often not as joined up as they should be. Business owners find themselves locked in energy-sapping internal turf wars, rather than working with peers to align and improve across the entire enterprise.

So, who should be responsible for ensuring your company is as strategically aligned as it can be? The answer should not be “the CEO” or “the Chairman” or the equivalent. The job of aligning the modern corporation is too complex to be added on to the slate of someone whose job it is to consider hundreds of other things, no matter how talented or powerful they are.

Who at the enterprise level in your company is responsible for ensuring it’s as strategically aligned as possible?

How is your company’s leadership making informed decisions about the arrangement of your company as a complex system of many moving and interconnected parts?

What capabilities do your enterprise-level leaders require to be effective at aligning your company to ensure it is fit for its purpose?

If there are no obvious answers to these questions, then there is a good chance that nobody is paying enough attention to strategic alignment in your company. If that’s the case, you urgently need to address this gap in leadership focus and capability. Achieving sustainable competitive advantage through superior strategic alignment does not happen by accident – it happens by design, or not at all, and it requires a special breed of leadership, which I call enterprise leadership.

The best companies are the best aligned, but only when led by design.

How can we help you in Strategic Alignment ?
  • Alignment of Business Goals to IT Goals (Balance Score Card)
  • IT Capacity and budget planning
  • Designing IT Security Strategies( such as 3 tier defense, Onion Approach)
  • Formulation of Corporate IT & ISMS policies & procedures
  • Review of existing IT policies (if any)
  • Drafting & review of organizational roles & responsibilities.

The fundamental questions for M&A during due diligence, then, are “What cybersecurity measures does the target have in place?” and “Are they the cybersecurity measures that should be in place?”

Organizations need to assess the risk and potential improvement or remediation cost that they’re taking on. Our Experts join organization board during M&A and advise for Cyber Security strategies and help in understanding security risk to underlying technologies of the target organization. This would reduce the cost of ownership and help meet long term business goals/objectives

Information security culture develops in an organization due to certain actions taken by the organization. Management implements information security components, such as policies and technical security measures with which employees interact and that they include in their working procedures. Employees develop certain perceptions and exhibit behavior, such as the reporting of security incidents or sharing of passwords, which could either contribute or be a threat to the securing of information assets.

To inculcate an acceptable level of information security culture, the organization must govern information security effectively by implementing all the required information security components.

We support the organization Governance framework strategy and implementation;
Our Approach is as follows;

We implement risk reporting capabilities for our clients by developing, monitoring, measuring and reviewing the metrics for key risks to the organization. We also aggregate the overall cyber and IT risk and prepare consolidated reports and dashboards to be presented to c-suite executives.

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Our services include Design and revamping of internal IT controls for the organization, mapping of controls with international standards and regulations like HIPPA, PCI DSS, ISO 27001/2, NIST, COBIT 5, COSO and others, assessment of design and operation effectiveness of internal controls, reporting on organization IT controls as per COSO guidelines and standard. Our Consultants with years of experience in domain of control lifecycle management would assist your organization in meeting challenges of complex compliances.

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