SRC - External Threat Intelligence (SRC-TITM)

CyberSRC offers an external threat Intelligence service that provides proactive detection and mitigation of online threats such as phishing, rogue mobile applications. CyberSRC Consultancy offers anti-phishing or anti-rogue app services for identifying and taking down phishing websites/rogue applications in the wake of increase of rogue mobile apps/ phishing attacks. We provide solutions that will save your business from fraud losses, brand damages, and online abuse. We’re a cybersecurity company that aggressively track and take down phishing sites, Malware sites, fake Domains, and fake Mobile Apps. We are here for detecting and preventing rogue devices. The service scans tens of millions of URLs, newly registered domains, and a range of app stores and social media to ensure quick blocking and shutdown of confirmed phishing sites. Our Response and Mitigation services provide timely and aggressive support to remove malicious online content threatening your organization’s infrastructure, information, employees, customers, and reputation. CyberSRC provides 24/7 cybersecurity services that protect against the exploitation of people. CyberSRC combines proprietary technology, intelligence, and human expertise to rapidly detect, analyze, and stop targeted cyberattacks before they impact organizations.

CyberSRC Consultancy LLP is a globally recognized award winning organization. We identify and customize the security solutions per your organization's environment and support implementation. We provide 24x7 Support to individual consumers with reliable and cost-effective solutions. Our experts are always there to listen to your problems and respond with the best suitable solution promptly. We approach every situation with passion and purpose. We provide different security services in one and provides you the best result.
We are channel partner to World's best Cybersecurity companies. We provide contractors globally. We are a team of qualified professionals with rich experience of multiple industries such as Manufacturing, BFSI, Insurance, Healthcare, NBFCs &, others. Our consultants are industry experts and have proven track records, some of the renowned certificates that our consultants hold such as CISA, CISSP, COBIT, CEH, CCNA, OSCP, ISO 9001 LA/LI, ISO 27001, ITIL LA/LI, PMP, to name a few. Our reputed consultants & advisors work for benefit optimization and cost reduction of your Security initiatives.